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Alabama Certificate of Formation - How to Form a Limited Liability Company


By Kenneth N. Dole Amila

Before you can file for your alabama certificate of formation, you must submit a Name Reservation Request for Domestic Entities form. The name of your llc must contain the phrase "limited liability company" or one of its abbreviations. Your LLC cannot use any other words that may confuse the government. You can choose a name that is not already used by another company in the state. In addition, you cannot use words that are commonly used by government agencies.

Alabama Certificate Of Formation


The certificate of formation is a legal document that officially puts a new llc into existence. This document is necessary for setting up a new llc in alabama. It specifies the name of the proposed business, contact information for the registered agent, and other provisions not in conflict with state law. If you plan on filing for an LLC in Alabama, you should use the certificate of formation forms that are available online. These forms will guarantee compliance with the Alabama laws and have detailed instructions for filing.

The name of the corporation must be distinguishable from other corporations registered in Alabama. Nonprofit corporations are not required to include a corporate suffix; however, professional corporations must include the words "Professional Corporation" or the abbreviation "P.C." If your corporation will have employees, you will need an employer identification number (EIN).

In addition to the Certificate of Formation, you need to choose a Registered Agent, who must have an Alabama address. This person can be an employee, a business owner, or a registered agent service. If you choose an alabama registered agent, they must be at least 18 years old and be willing to receive important legal documents on behalf of your llc. If you're a non-resident of Alabama, you can choose to use an alabama registered agent service.

LLCs should have a name that distinguishes them from other companies. The name of the company should contain words or phrases that indicate the business's services or products. It should also not be too similar to other entities in Alabama. To check if a name is available, you can use the Alabama Secretary of State's Business Entity Search. There, you'll find an alabama llc name and other similar business entities in your area.

The Certificate of Formation in Alabama must also name an agent for service of process. This agent is an individual or a corporation that accepts legal documents on behalf of the business. It's important to note that the registered agent in alabama must live in Alabama. You can hire a registered agent service to keep your address off the public record and not receive process servers in front of clients. The agent is also responsible for keeping the company legal.

When filing an alabama certificate of formation form, you'll need to provide two copies of the original. Once the document is signed, you'll need to submit it to a probate court in the county where your company's registered office is located. You'll need to pay a filing fee of $100 with the Secretary of State. The secretary of state indexes the documents, and notify interested parties of the filing. You can pay by credit card or through your business checking account.


To form a corporation in Alabama, you must file an Application for Certificate of Existence of Registered Entities. This document will establish your entity as an official business in the state and grant you a unique ID number. You can submit your application online or by mail, but you must remember to choose the name of your LLC carefully. Be sure that it meets the Alabama business entity name requirements. Don't use any deceptive terms or make it too long.

When forming an Alabama corporation, you must choose a registered agent. A registered agent is a person or company that accepts service of process and tax documents on behalf of the corporation. Some providers include free registered agent services with their corporation formation packages, but if you don't want to pay for this service separately, you can always choose a service. Another important requirement for Alabama corporations is the presence of at least one director. A director oversees the corporation until it holds its first shareholder meeting, during which the company's board of directors elects officers and directors.

For most LLCs, the name of the person preparing the Certificate of Formation does not need to be that of the LLC. However, for professional and non-profit entities, other paperwork may be required. For example, series LLCs must file a Statement of Limitation on Liabilities of the Series. In addition to completing the required paperwork, you will need to select a registered agent, who is an adult resident of Alabama with an Alabama physical address. Your registered agent can be yourself, another business owner or a registered agent service.

Once you have a name for your LLC, you can proceed to file your Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State of Alabama. The application fee for a Certificate of Formation in Alabama is $200. You can also choose to file your Certificate of Formation online, but it is advisable to review and read your llc operating agreement before submitting it. You may want to draft an LLC operating agreement to further clarify how your LLC will function. This document will also define the responsibilities of each member and how the LLC will operate.

You will also need to select an Organizer for your llc in alabama. The Organizer will sign the document after you have completed all the necessary information. Additionally, you can upload additional documents to your alabama llc operating agreement to meet any state requirements. While it is not mandatory to include LLC members on the Certificate of Formation, you may wish to list them in a Word document. If you choose to, you can sign the document later and attach it to the Alabama llc operating agreement.

An Alabama Corporation Business Law requires a brief statement of purpose. This doesn't need to be detailed, but an outline of what you intend to do will do. The corporation must also issue at least one share. However, there is no requirement to specify the par value of the shares. The name and address of at least one incorporator must also be listed on the Certificate of Formation. You can submit your application online or in person at the Secretary of State's office.

Filing process

Before you begin the filing process for alabama certificate of formation, you must reserve the corporate name. To do so, you must file the Name Reservation Request Form for Domestic Entities. This form can be filed either online or via mail. You can perform a preliminary name availability check using the Business Entity Search link on the Alabama Secretary of State website. Simply enter the entity's name in the search box and click "search." It will display all entities that use that name, as well as similar names.

The name of the corporation must be distinct from other corporations in Alabama. If the name is not distinguishable, the Secretary of State can reject the Certificate of Formation. Professional corporations are required to include the words "Professional Corporation" or an abbreviation such as "P.C." Additionally, the name of at least one incorporator must be listed on the Certificate of Formation. The Alabama Secretary of State will then review the certificate to verify that it is unique and distinguishable.

Aside from the certificate of formation, you will also need to file a Limited Liability Company Agreement (LLC) in Alabama. This agreement lays out the rules and regulations between the LLC members. It is crucial to complete this agreement before filing the certificate of formation. By doing so, you will free up your time to focus on other business activities such as hiring employees and establishing a physical address. The llc name search tool provided by the Alabama Secretary of State will help you identify a name that will fit your company's needs.

The name of the person preparing the Alabama certificate of formation does not have to be the same as that of the LLC members. In addition to the name, the LLC should name a Registered Agent in Alabama. The Registered Agent can be the owner of the LLC or a resident of the state with a physical address. The Registered Agent is not required to be a member of the LLC, but he or she must be at least eighteen years old.

Before you begin the filing process for Alabama certificate of formation, you must first find the reserved name for your business. You can do this online or via mail. You must know the name of your business and whether it is already in use in Alabama. After that, you must file your application with the Secretary of State to officially establish your business. It is advisable to obtain a copy of the name registration certificate if necessary.

If you want to file your Alabama certificate of formation via mail, you can file the document by submitting it through the postal service. Alternatively, you can file your Alabama certificate of formation online and submit the name reservation at the same time. Online filing services are convenient, but you will pay a convenience fee for the convenience. If you decide to file your Alabama certificate of formation online, you can complete the process in as little as 24 hours.

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